Foro Económico de Mujeres Silicon Valley 2022

NOVEMBER 10 th 11th


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Women Economic Forum Silicon Valley 2022

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"Supporting the Success and Empowerment of Women Worldwide"

Visibility, Tools, Resources to Grow

The event focuses on:

WEF Silicon Valley brings together top thought leaders throughout the world. 

WEF stands for Women Economic Forum, the only forum focused on economic progress for women.

Founded in New Delhi, India, by Dr. Harbeen Arora, this forum, since the first one held as Annual WEF, 7th-13th May 2015, has held more than 63 global editions, has more than 500 regional chapters, the participation of 150 allied countries and a global chamber (ALL LADIES LEAGUE) that has 50,000 members around the world and is constantly growing.

Dr. Arora, as a global leader and women’s visionary, is the founder of the free and inclusive platforms G100, ALL, WEF, SHEconomy and WICCI. She has a powerful network of more than 250,000 women in 120 countries. That number continues to grow and is projected to reach 1 million by 2022.

The main objective of these WEFs, which are held throughout the year around the world, is to enable women to expand their business opportunities and increase their global influence through peer-to-peer exchange and networking that transcends borders, seeking inspiration from women entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, leaders and the world’s most successful celebrities.

In its multiple editions, the WEFs have been held in countries such as the USA (Los Angeles, New Mexico, Santa Barbara, New York-UN), Canada (Vancouver), United Kingdom (London, Birmingham), Europe (Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Malta). (Los Angeles, New Mexico, Santa Barbara, New York-UN), Canada (Vancouver), United Kingdom (London, Birmingham), Europe (Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Malta) Nordic (Iceland), Caribbean (Grenada), MENA (Egypt, Tunisia); Australia (Perth), Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile), and throughout India (Delhi, Bangalore, Gurugram, Chennai, Madurai, Kolkata, Guwahati, Goa).

The highlights of the different editions can be viewed on the WEF platform at

There you can see the participation of eminent leaders and opinion leaders such as heads of state, Nobel laureates, royalty, ministers, mayors, businesswomen, university rectors, professors, judges, industrialists, ambassadors and diplomats, celebrities, entrepreneurs and young people.

Foro Económico de Mujeres Silicon Valley 2022

I. Mission

Provide an elite network focused on connecting and supporting women executives and renowned investors. 

II. Motto

“Dream big, hustle hard, and never feel defeated.”

III. Purpose

WEF Silicon Valley offers an opportunity for women to sit at the negotiating table and turn their passion into a profitable business structure and introduce them to topics to grow their business. 



Goal: Advancing enterprises from your life’s purpose, joining forces with our Network of 250,000 women entrepreneurs across 150 countries and have a Mission Million 2022 – connecting a million women in solidarity for achieving gender equality in this decade. 

From Women Economic Forum Silicon Valley to the world, helping to build empires in the mecca of innovation, leadership and investment.

About Women Economic Forum – WEF

WEF is a forum where celebrities from all over the world, Nobel Prize winners, government leaders, experts on different topics, and leaders from different sectors participate. Empowering Women Worldwide: In 150 countries, the Women Economic Forum has established itself as one of the largest women’s networks in the world, a global network, a “sisterhood without borders”.

Coca-Cola joins Women Economic Forum Silicon Valley to globally celebrate the work of women leaders, entrepreneurs and investors in a remarkable event. 

This convention aims to strengthen ties for innovation in all fields, to empower women in business and renown investors and to honor their leadership across the globe.

Together with Coca-Cola we begin a new chapter in history to create an equal, progressive and inclusive environment.

Thank you Coca-Cola for trusting us, for your brilliant visionary leadership, courage, imagination, innovation and for your big heart that impacts so many lives.


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